Passenger traffic through the Odessa international airport increased by 22.5% to 72,500 in January, compared with January last year. This was announced by the press service of the airport.

The airport handled 60,800 passengers on international flights (+23%) and 11,700 passengers on domestic flights (+18%). International passenger traffic accounted for 80% of the airport’s total passenger traffic.

The 984 flights it handled in January were 11.7% more than the number it handled one year earlier.

The most popular destinations in the first month of this year were Moscow, Istanbul, and Kiev. Passenger traffic in the Moscow direction increased by 35%. The occupancy rates of the traditional winter charter flights to Sharm el-Sheikh, Salzburg, and Sofia were close to 100%.

According to the press service, the Christmas holidays and the significant increase in the number of flights to popular destinations had a positive impact on the increase of passenger traffic.

As reported, passenger traffic through the Odessa airport increased by 18% to 1.069 million in 2013.