Poland's Deputy Minister of Agriculture Michal Kolodziejczak has confirmed that the Ukrainian grain, which farmers cite as the reason for blocking the Ukrainian-Polish border, does not remain in Poland and that "they could have protested at another border."

The CFTS portal reported this, citing the European Pravda publication.

According to Kolodziejczak, Ukrainian grain is currently being transported in transit through Poland and is not being imported into the country.

"Neither grain, corn, nor rapeseed... These products do not stay here," he said.

The deputy minister noted that in recent weeks he had received reports that Ukrainian products were being unloaded in Poland despite being declared as transit goods. However, according to him, none of these reports have been confirmed.

"If I went to protest today, I would block another border... Poland has imposed an embargo on the products from Ukraine that worried us the most. Let's take Germany—we also see protests in Germany and statements by German farmers that they don't want these products from Ukraine, where it is clear that companies buy a lot from Poland, but the government has not imposed an embargo on these products, which creates congestion, and Ukrainian products are also taking the German market away from us," Kolodziejczak said.

He added that, in view of this, quotas for Ukrainian products should be introduced at the EU level and their shipment to third countries outside the EU should also be simplified.

Kolodziejczak also said that Poland is open to new restrictions on imports from Ukraine if it is impossible to reach an agreement with Kyiv.