The largest marine terminal in Ukraine in terms of storage capacity in 2019 was Nika-Tera SME (Group DF), which used grain silos with a total of storage capacity of 515,000 tons for transshipment, the CFTS portal reports, citing the Latifundist publication.

The top 15 port terminals in Ukraine in 2019 in terms of storage capacity also included TIS-Zerno (owned by TIS) with 460,000 tons; Neptune with 290,000 tons; Risoil Terminal (Risoil S.A.) with 262,000 tons; the Illichivsk Grain Terminal (Glencore International) – 257,600 tons; Brooklyn-Kiev with 250,000 tons; Ukrelevatorprom with 206,400 tons; EBT (BT Invest) with 206,000 tons; Transbalkterminal (Kernel) with 190,000 tons; Olimpex Coupe International with 180,000 tons; the Mykolaiv grain transshipment terminal (Nibulon) with 173,000 thousand tons; TIS Fertilizers with 170,000 tons; the Mykolaiv KHP (Orexim) with 142,000 tons; the Danube Shipping and Stevedoring Company (COFCO Agri Ukraine) with 136,000 tons; the Boryvazh Grain Terminal with 126,000  tons.

Ukrainian seaports’ capacity for storage of grain is currently about 4.9 million tons.

As the CFTS portal reported earlier, the Alliance Energy Trade company heads the list of the top 10 importers of diesel fuel through Ukrainian seaports, followed by the Trade Commodity group, and the Privat group.