The prototype of the first Ukrainian electric car, which is called the Synchronous, was presented at the Olympic National Sports Complex in Kyiv on Monday.

The Ukrainian company Electric Marathon International developed the Synchronous electric car for the tourism industry. The car, which accommodates six people, is designed for driving in urban areas at speeds of 60-70 kilometers per hour.

The electric car could be used for hotel shuttles, taxi in sightseeing areas etc. The Synchronous is designed in the style of retro-futurism. "We wanted to create a recognizable car," Electric Marathon International’s CEO Andrii Bilyi said, explaining the unusual design of the electric car.

The issue of serial production of the Ukrainian electric car is currently being discussed. According to Bilyi, the car will be produced abroad, but the exact location is still unknown. The car is equipped with a Ukrainian and batteries imported from China.

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The prototype will participate in the annual trans-European electric-car rally "Lviv – Monte-Carlo Electric Marathon 2016," which will begin on 22 May. The Synchronous will be displayed in 10 European countries and 23 cities during the rally.

In April, the Synchronous electric vehicle was presented in Monte Carlo during the annual conference on sustainable transport and renewable energy.