The parliament approved the state budget for 2017 on Wednesday morning. The exact amounts of expenditure and revenue are is still unknown because parliamentary deputies voted for various amendments and various other documents.

However, according to Minister of Infrastructure Volodymyr Omelian, a significant increase in the budget of the State Automobile Road Service (Ukravtodor) was approved.

"In addition to Ukravtodor’s planned budget of UAH 14.2 billion, MPs voted for UAH 15 billion, as promised by the President of Ukraine, the Prime Minister, and the leaders of the parliamentary factions of the ruling coalition," the minister wrote on his Facebook page.

According to him, the experiment involving transfer of 50% of surplus customs revenues to the road sector has been extended to all regions (previously, the experiment involved only the Odesa, Volyn, Lviv, and Chernivtsi regions).