Risoil S.A. (Switzerland) has expressed its intention to continue investing in the construction of the Risoil Terminal, which is a grain terminal, at the Chornomorsk seaport.

This is stated on the company’s Facebook page.

The company intends to invest about USD 70 million in construction of the third and fourth phases of the grain terminal, which will include construction of a second universal warehouse, a truck loading station, and a two-sided pier.

Construction of the Risoil Terminal began in 2014. The first two phases of the terminal were commissioned in March this year. The amount of investments was also USD 70 million.

The grain terminal has a warehouse with a capacity for simultaneous storage of 30,000 tons of grain, which is equipped with a truck unloading facility (about 120 trucks per day).

The silo facility consists of 13 silos with a total storage capacity of 85,000 tons of grain.

The grain complex is already capable of handling goods: it has an annual capacity of 1.5 million tons of grain and 500,000 tons of oil products (meal).