About 115,000 tons of grain taken from temporarily occupied Ukrainian territories were shipped from the Sevastopol port in the Russian-occupied Crimea in August this year. 

This is indicated by a study conducted by the SeaKrime project, the CFTS portal reports, citing the Ports of Ukraine publication. 

According to the study, vessels made 15 trips from the port to Turkey, Syria, and the Russian port of Kavkaz (for transshipment) in August. The grain was loaded at the terminal of the Avlita stevedoring company (this company is listed as Aval in Russian registers and it is part of the sanctioned United Shipbuilding Corporation). 

Nine Russian-flagged vessels participated in the illegal shipment of grain from Avlita in August. 

In addition, two foreign-flagged vessels departed from other ports in the occupied Crimea. The Syrian vessel, Souria, was being loaded in occupied Feodosia in August. The Powell vessel, which is Russian-managed and Syrian-flagged, transported grain from occupied Berdyansk. 

Over 95,000 tons of grain cargoes were shipped from a terminal in occupied Sevastopol in July and 183,000 tons in June.