After launching the Uber taxi service in Kyiv, the company intends to launch operation in Lviv. Ilia Konigstein, an adviser to the mayor of Lviv, announced this on his Facebook page.

"Uber has decided to launch in Lviv after Kyiv. A team from the European office will soon arrive to see for itself. If the NBU is not slow, the guys will launch in Kyiv in late March-early April. Then, immediately in Lviv," Konigstein wrote.

Uber is an online taxi service that allows customers to book the services of private drivers through a smartphone application. The transport fare is charged to a card that is tied to an account on the Uber website. Therefore, it is not necessary to pay or tip the driver. Uber pays the drivers.

"Traditional" taxi drivers around the world have been protesting against Uber because the online service offers lower fares and deprives them of orders. A protest against Uber took place in Kyiv a month ago.