Slovakia will transfer 30 Soviet-made T-72 tanks to Ukraine and receive 15 Leopard tanks from Germany to replace them.

According to the Liga publication, the Business Insider publication reported this, citing its own sources in German government circles.

The publication reports that the exchange of the military equipment between Germany and Slovakia almost broke down in mid-June, but Berlin and Bratislava have now most likely reached a deal.

Germany will provide Slovakia with 15 Leopard-2 main battle tanks. The first tank is due to arrive in the country at the end of this year. In return, Slovakia will supply 30 Soviet T-72 tanks to Ukraine.

The deal could have broken down because the Slovakian Ministry of Defense said that 15 Leopard tanks could not replace 30 T-72 tanks.

As reported earlier, it was announced on 25 July that Ukraine had received Polish-made PT-91 Twardy main battle tanks. Poland also gave its T-72 tanks to Ukraine.

North Macedonia announced on 29 July that it would donate T-72 tanks to Ukraine.