The Starokramatorsk Machine Building Plant produced a new track tamping machine for the Ukrzaliznytsia public railway company in partnership with the Plasser & Theurer company (Austria) in October, the CFTS reports, citing the local website Vostochnyi Proekt. According to the website, this will be the eighth such machine to operate in Ukraine.

The Dynamic Tamping Express 09-3X is a continuous-action track tamping machine with integrated dynamic track stabilization. It is intended for current repairs and maintenance of tracks. The machine is equipped with a laser that scans railroad tracks to allow experts to see all the flaws on them. Thanks to the machine’s high level of precision, the tamping error is 0.5 mm per kilometer.

The Dynamic Tamping Express 09-3X has tamping banks for tamping up to three sleepers simultaneously, dynamic track stabilization, lifting and straightening devices, brushes for cleaning sleepers and rails, a system for measuring track position, etc.

"The machine is one of the latest developments in the field of construction, maintenance, and repair of railway tracks. It was made at the Starokramatorsk Machine Building Plant in Kramatorsk to order from Ukrzaliznytsia in conjunction with Plasser & Theurer, the recognized world leader in the area of production of track machines. It is based on Plasser & Theurer’s development and know-how," the Starokramatorsk Machine Building Plant’s Deputy Director for Marketing Oleksandr Polianskikh said.

According to him, it is impossible in principle to build tracks for high-speed trains without such equipment. The machine has a service life of 25 years.

The Starokramatorsk Machine Building Plant produced the first track machine in 2013 and delivered it to the Odesa railway. 

According to Ukrzaliznytsia, 50% of the components used in the production of such equipment are manufactured in Ukraine. The Starokramatorsk Machine Building Plant and Plasser & Theurer were expected to jointly produce five track machines to order from Ukrzaliznytsia in 2012.