The head of the State Aviation Administration, Oleksandr Bilchuk, signed a protocol that replaces the supplement to the air transport agreement between the governments of Israel and Ukraine on 13 December.

In particular, the document lifts the restrictions on the number of airlines designated to perform regular flights between the two countries, as well as on the number of points of arrival/departure.

"The aviation authorities of Israel have already signed such a document. Now was our turn," the State Aviation Administration’s press secretary Iryna Kustovska said.

However, the restriction on the frequency of flights remains. Twenty-four flights per week are to be performed on the Kyiv-Tel Aviv-Kyiv route and seven on each of the Lviv-Tel Aviv-Lviv and Zaporizhia-Tel Aviv-Zaporizhia routes.

The State Aviation Administration has asked the Israeli civil aviation authorities to increase the number of flights to Kyiv to 31 per week and the number of flights to Lviv and Zaporizhia to 14 per week each.