The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) still considers the Crimea part of Ukraine, and the Black Sea area remains assigned to Ukraine, the head of the State Aviation Service of Ukraine (Derzhaviasluzhba), Denys Antoniuk, has announced on his Facebook page.

"Colleagues and friends, I have just attended an informal meeting with representatives of ICAO - ICAO's Secretary General Raymond Benjamin and the head of its European office, Luis Almeida. They confirmed the baselessness of the information disseminated by the Russian media regarding ICAO support for Russian ownership of the airspace over the Crimea and confirmed ICAO’s position: Crimea is part of Ukraine, the Black Sea area is delegated to Ukraine, and it will remain delegated to it. ICAO is fully adhering to the UN resolution on Ukraine's territorial integrity. Do not read Russian newspapers," the head of State Aviation Service wrote.

The Kommersant newspaper recently published an article entitled "ICAO Recognizes Crimean Airspace as Russian," which claimed that this international organization had sided with Russia on the issue of control over the airspace above the Crimea. However, it noted that an agreement must be signed with Ukraine for the relevant changes to take effect.