The Ekonovatika company (Czech Republic) intends to implement an investment project involving construction of a complex for storage and transshipment of liquefied hydrocarbon gas at the Izmail port. The port authority’s head Mykola Ilyn announced this to the Center for Transport Strategies.

The project envisages construction of the relevant buildings and structures at the Izmail merchant seaport. The gas is expected to be delivered by rail, road, and other modes of transport and shipped in gas tankers and tank trucks.

The complex will have an annual capacity of 120,000 tons of gas. The estimated cost of construction, including the cost of equipment, is UAH 12.5 million. Construction work will begin in 2014 and last 12 months. The cost is expected to be recouped in seven years if the facility is operated at full capacity.

The main types of cargo handled at the Izmail port are coal, ore, iron-ore concentrate, pellets, slabs, and rolled metal.

As reported, cargo transshipment at the Izmail seaport reduced by 5.9% to 2.762 million tons in 2013, compared with 2012. The state enterprise Izmail Merchant Seaport, which is the only stevedore at the port, attracted 300,000 tons of new cargoes, which partially compensated for the loss of cargoes from the Poltava ore mining plant (480,000 tons).