The Ukrainian economy’s direct losses due to the war in terms of transport and infrastructure had exceeded USD 41.4 billion as of 8 June.

This is stated in the latest assessment of Ukraine’s economic losses by the Kyiv School of Economics’ “Russia will Pay” project, the CFTS portal reports.

In particular, according to the assessment, at least 23,900 kilometers of roads and 6,300 kilometers of railways were damaged, destroyed, or seized during the first 105 days of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

At least 304 bridges and river crossings, 12 military airfields, 11 civilian airports, and 4 seaports were damaged.

In particular, according to the data provided, the following were damaged, destroyed, or seized: 23,900 kilometers of roads (the amount of the damage is estimated at USD 30.034 billion); 11 civilian airports (USD 6.817 billion); railway infrastructure and rolling stock (USD 2.672 billion); 304 bridges and river crossings (USD 1.692 billion); 4 ports and port infrastructure (USD 471 million); 12 military airfields (USD 468 million).

The loss of the An-225 "Mria," which was the world's largest transport aircraft, is tentatively estimated at USD 300 million.

The total damage to Ukraine's transport infrastructure is now estimated at USD 41.45 billion.

According to the Kyiv School of Economics, the Ukrainian economy’s direct losses due to the war launched by Russia had exceeded USD 103 billion (UAH 3 trillion) as of 8 June.

The estimated total damage to the Ukrainian economy due to the war ranges from USD 564 billion to USD 600 billion. This includes the infrastructure damage and the indirect losses (GDP decline, cessation of investment, outflow of labor, and additional spending on defense and social welfare).