Transportation of transit cargoes in containers from China to the European Union through the territory of Belarus increased 1.4-fold to 47,800 TEU in 2015, the press service of the Belarusian Railways announced.

The Czech Republic, Germany, and Poland are among the main destination countries for the cargoes.

According to representatives of the Belarusian Railways, transportation of cargoes through the territory of Belarus does not take more than 12 hours. This was achieved by reducing the processing time to 10 hours in case of transfers in Brest and up to 6 hours without transfers.

The period of passage of container trains through Belarusian railways – from the Krasnoye station (on the state border with Russia) to Brest – is less than 12 hours. The speed of travel reaches 1,400 kilometers per day with minimal stoppage at train stations.

The processing time has reduced from 36 to 10 hours in case of transfers and up to 6 hours without transfers as a result of improvement of the technology for processing organized trains, which makes maximum use of simultaneous performance of operations at the Brest hub.

In total, container trains transported 149,600 TEU of containers on Belarusian Railways in 2015.