The Uber ride-sharing company raised the rates for its UberX passenger transport service in Kyiv on July 8.

The base fare (20.5 UAH) and the minimum cost per trip (25 UAH) remain unchanged, but the cost per minute has risen from 30 kopecks to 45 kopecks and the cost per kilometer from UAH 4.5 to UAH 5. The company attributed the rate increase to a desire to attract more drivers, the CFTS reports.

As reported, Uber is exploring the possibility of launching its UberKIDS child transport service and its UberEATS food delivery service in Ukraine, Uber is also considering the possibility of transporting pets.

Uber is also launching its Uber BLACK service, which offers premium-class cars to customers, in Ukraine.

In addition, Uber plans to open a headquarters in Kyiv, from where it will manage the operations not only in Ukraine, but also in Belarus, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan. Uber is interested in development its operations in Zaporizhia, Kryvyi Rih, and Mykolaiv.