Several documents relating to the aviation industry are expected to be signed along with the agreement on Common Aviation Area between Ukraine and the European Union on June 5. Infrastructure Minister Maksym Burbak announced this at the International Transport Forum’s summit on development of airports in Leipzig, the press service of the Ministry of Infrastructure reports.

In particular, documents on convergence of certification systems and sharing of flight safety information about aircraft using EU and Ukrainian airports are being prepared for signing.

According to Burbak, signing of the agreement on Common Aviation Area with the EU and other documents involving the aviation industry will be an important step toward strengthening Ukraine’s competitiveness on the world aviation market. "Ukraine will be able to establish manufacturing cooperation in the aircraft industry and cooperation on stimulating investment within the framework of the agreement without prejudicing the technical and industry standards existing in Ukraine," the press service of the Ministry of Infrastructure said.

"Passenger traffic in the European direction is expected to increase by 10-15% annually after the agreement comes into effect. Simultaneously, competition with foreign carriers will intensify and the opportunity for more Ukrainian carriers to enter the air transport market between the EU and Ukraine will increase,” Burbak said at the summit.