Supply of Ukrainian-made Travel Security Kit intended for securing air passengers’ baggage to Poland, Moldova, and Kenya began at the beginning of this year

According to information from the Airports of Ukraine association, 1,700 such kits have already been exported to these countries in 2019.

The GST Group, which is the developer and manufacturer of the kits, is holding talks on export of this kind of baggage security kit for air passengers to Slovenia, Denmark, Tunisia, Hungary, Colombia, and Chile.

The Travel Security Kit is designed to detect unauthorized opening of baggage. The security seal that is included in the kit secures the slider on the zipper of a baggage to the handle of the baggage or other non-moving parts of the baggage. This ensures that the baggage cannot be opened and closed unnoticed.

According to the Airports of Ukraine association, airlines and airports also use the security seal to control access to onboard meals, official vehicles, and jet fuel trucks, as well as for sealing various hatches and premises in an airplane. The above-mentioned Ukrainian company supplies such products to more than 60 countries.

As the CFTS portal reported one year ago, the Boryspil airport planned to install cameras for monitoring the entire process of handling packages being sent by post. Before then, it was reported that loaders at the airport had again been caught stealing.

The Boryspil airport’s General Director Pavlo Riabikin later wrote a column for the CFTS portal to outline the steps passengers should take if they discover that someone has opened their luggage or detect that items have been stolen from their luggage.