The Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority intends to perform maintenance dredging in the waters of ​​the Kherson seaport. It invited the relevant tenders via the ProZorro electronic procurement system on 18 August.

The estimated cost of dredging work is UAH 44.6 million. The volume of soil to be removed from the bottom of the port’s waters is 152,000 cubic meters. Tenders are to be submitted by 18 September, inclusive. The Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority expects both Ukrainian and foreign dredging companies to show interest. The dredging work should be performed in three months.

The Kherson seaport is located on the right bank of River Dnipro. The design depth of the port’s waters is 8.25 meters, but the declared draft is 7.6 meters.

As reported, maintenance dredging works will be performed in the waters of the ports of Reni (tenders have already been invited via the ProZorro procurement system), Odesa, Mariupol, and Berdiansk in 2017. In addition, maintenance dredging of the approach channel to the Mykolaiv seaport (the 13th tributary of the Dnieper-Bug Estuary) and the Kherson maritime channel will be performed.