The State Automobile Road Service (Ukravtodor) will implement engineering solutions to reduce the speed of vehicles at entrances to population centers.

"Traffic Calming Measures are a set of measures in countries of the European Union that are aimed at forcibly reducing the speed of drivers at entrances to population centers. Such safety measures have recommended themselves in Europe, since it is impossible to drive pass traffic restraints at a speed higher than 60 km/h," Ukravtodor said in a statement.

Unlike the speed bumps that are common in Ukraine, such complexes do not cause inconvenience to passengers and do not damage vehicles, Ukravtodor said, the CFTS portal reports.

Ukravtodor’s acting head Slawomir Nowak proposed reducing the maximum permissible speed of vehicles on roads in settlements from 60 to 50 kilometers per hour in June. "All European countries agree on one thing: speed is the primary enemy of pedestrians and drivers on roads. The time is coming when it is necessary to start talking about increasing fines for speeding and reducing speed in cities from 60 to 50 kilometers per hour," he said. "It is 50 kilometers per hour in In European cities and 30 kilometers per hour in special places."