The Ukrposhta public joint-stock company introduced an "accelerated mail" service, which involves delivery of parcels to most Ukrainian cities and settlements in just one day, on April 1.

"It will be next-day delivery in most cities of Ukraine and delivery within two days in some regions. It has already been introduced in Kyiv, and it will now be introduced throughout the country," Ukrposhta’s acting General Director Ihor Smelianskyi at the fourth Zakupki Forum on Thursday, 30 March.

According to him, Ukrposhta’s tariffs for delivery of heavy parcels in Kyiv and Ukraine are 30-40% lower than those of other market participants.

Smelianskyi also said that Ukrposhta would re-brand itself in April. "Three well-known international companies agreed to develop the concept for our new brand free of charge. One of the concepts was the winner. Its final version will be presented to us on Sunday, and I believe we will approve it," he said.

Smelianskyi added that the re-branding would involve introduction of a new logo, a new slogan, and a new color scheme.

PJSC Ukrposhta, which is under the management of the Ministry of Infrastructure, is Ukraine’s national postal operator. It provides more than 50 types of services at almost 12,000 branches throughout the country. The company employs 70,000 people, including 33,000 mail carriers and 13,000 postal service operators.