WOG Aero Jet, a Ukrainian oil trader, has concluded three contracts for supply of 45,000 tons of diesel fuel to the Ukrainian Railways public joint-stock company (Ukrzaliznytsia). The total value of the contracts is almost UAH 840.99 million. The company won two tenders for supply of 10,000 tons each thanks to UAH 1 and won the third for supply of 25,000 tons thanks to UAH 3, the CFTS reports.

All the three contracts between WOG Aero Jet and Ukrzaliznytsia’s Production Support Centre were signed on Wednesday, 11 January. Bidding took place on 22 December. The cost of the fuel under these contracts varies between UAH 18,500 and UAH 18,800 per ton or between UAH 15,400 and 15,600 per liter.

Last week, WOG Aero Jet signed two contracts for supply of 20,000 tons of diesel fuel to Ukrzaliznytsia at the cost of UAH 383.970 million. The costs of the diesel fuel are UAH 19,000 per ton (UAH 15.8 per liter) under the first contract and UAH 19,399 per ton (UAH 16,100 per liter) under the second.

Thus, Ukrzaliznytsia has signed five contracts for supply of 65,000 tons of diesel fuel since the beginning of this year, which is sufficient for 2.5 months for stable passenger and freight transportation.