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UM Air Announces Increase In Number Of Passengers On Flights To Iran

The popularity of flights to Iran has increased among Ukrainians and the aircraft occupancy on this route has exceeded 50%. The UM Air airline’s Chairman Rodrigue Elias Merhej announced this.

Passenger Traffic Through Kharkiv Airport Increases 1.5-Fold In May

Passenger traffic through the Kharkiv international airport increased by 56% to 53,400 in May 2016.

Passenger Traffic Through Boryspil Airport Reaches Highest Volume In Three Years

Passenger traffic through the Boryspil international airport increased by 13% to 2.82 million in the period of January-May 2016.

Boryspil Airport Makes Profit In 2015

Passenger traffic through the airport increased by 6% to 7.277 million in 2015.

Ukraine's Transport Enterprises Reduce Cargo Transportation By 11.7% In January-November

Transport enterprises in Ukraine, excluding enterprises in the Crimea and part of the conflict zone on eastern Ukraine, reduced cargo transportation by 11.7% to 546.8 million tons in the period of January-November 2015

Ilyichevsk Port Introduces New Traffic Management System

The system provides an alternative exit for container trucks with containerized cargoes that are processed via the procedure for preliminary customs clearance of containers.

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