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Trucking Conflict Between Russia And Poland Increases Transit Of Goods Through Ukraine To EU

There has been an increase in the number of trucks waiting to enter Ukraine on the Ukrainian-Belarusian border since the beginning of February, particularly at the Domanove border crossing.

Movement Of Trucks Between Russia And Poland Stops

The two countries agree the number of entry permits for large trucks annually.

First Convoy Of 8 Ukrainian Trucks Departs For Kazakhstan Via Russia

The first convoy of eight Ukrainian trucks departed for Kazakhstan through Russia on Tuesday, 19 January, Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade/Ukraine’s trade representative Natalia Mykolska announced this.

Infrastructure Ministry Lobbying For Liberalization Of Transportation Of Goods To EU By Road

Pyvovarskyi said Ukraine was interested in liberalization of transportation of goods by road and therefore

Infrastructure Ministry Preparing To Ban Heavy Trucks From Ukrainian Roads

For container trucks, such a ban will be imposed when their weight parameters exceed 11, 18, 24, and 44 tons respectively.

Lugansk Region’s Only Route Into Occupied Territories Closed

Moskal believes that the temporary procedure is ineffective because the crossing of the separation line at many places is uncontrolled.

Ilyichevsk Port Introduces New Traffic Management System

The system provides an alternative exit for container trucks with containerized cargoes that are processed via the procedure for preliminary customs clearance of containers.

Roads Getting Worse: How to Stop the Degradation of Ukraine’s Roads

The destruction of Ukraine’s roads will stop if it is ensured that the existing fuel surcharge (UAH 2.6 per liter of gasoline) is used for the intended purpose and if there is proper enforcement of size and weight requirements. What do officials and representatives of the automobile market think about this?

Ukraine Complicates Transit For Russian Truckers

Ukrainian customs authorities began demanding documents confirming guarantee of customs payments

Distribution Of Quotas For International Road Transport Abolished

Quotas for European and Asian countries were abolished

Ukraine Blocks International Freight Trucking In Crimea

Gunmen have seized all the offices that issue international transport permits in the Crimea

Hryvnia per Meter of Road: Where Ukravtodor’s New Management is Searching for Money

Ukrainian automobile roads require annual investments of UAH 50 billion, but the state budget and the State Automobile Road Service (Ukravtodor) do not have such funds. Where does Ukravtodor’s new head Oleksandr Malin intend to search for the money and how effective will be search be?

Russia Resumes Admittance Of Ukrainian Goods

Accumulation of More than 130 trucks awaiting clearance and admittance through the border had accumulated at the border crossings by morning.

Ukraine May Allow Duty-Free Import Of Used Euro-V Trucks

The relevant proposal was considered at a meeting on December 10

Revenue Ministry Proposes Changing Conditions For Transit Of Cargo By Truck

Officials are proposing legislative provisions for the terms for admitting international cargo carriers and containers for transporting goods and vehicles

Additional Measures For Carriers On Russian Border Will Force Them To Review Their Prices

The cost of processing cargo being transported on transit through Russia has increased several times

Queue Of Trucks On Russian Border In Sumy Region Similar To Queue Caused By Heavy Snowfalls Last Winter

Last time so many trucks piled up there was in March

Russian Customs To Open Green Corridor For Trucks Of Some Russian Carriers

This will apparently involve selection of a group of "reliable" carriers and creation of a sort of "green corridor" for them

Russia Ending Cooperation With Association Of International Road Carriers

TIR is no longer a guarantee for Customs Service

War Over Trucks: Poland Seeking Ukraine As Ally Against Russia

Russia requires additional expenditures on insurance of cargo from foreign carriers, which makes transportation by truck a significantly less profitable business. Poland believes that Moscow has declared a transport war on it and is seeking to ally with Ukraine.

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