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‘Free Practice’ Introduced At 16 Berths At Yuzhny Port

The use of "free practice" saves an average of 2 hours and 20 minutes during the processing of a single vessel.

Russian Customs Announces Significant Fall In Trade Turnover With Ukraine

The trade turnover on the Russian-Ukrainian border reduced by 20%

Russia To Cut Crimea Off From Ukraine By Opening International Border On April 25

The Crimean border service performs border controls at 27 border crossings as of today

Foreigners Will Have To Obtain Two Countries’ Visas To Enter Crimea

Russia introduced visas for entry into the Crimea and Sevastopol for foreigners on March 31.

Russia Resumes Admittance Of Ukrainian Goods

Accumulation of More than 130 trucks awaiting clearance and admittance through the border had accumulated at the border crossings by morning.

Ukraine May Allow Duty-Free Import Of Used Euro-V Trucks

The relevant proposal was considered at a meeting on December 10

Roshen To Resume Export Of Products To Russia On December 1

"There is no need to link this to any political motives”

Customs Union Launches Anti-Dumping Investigation Into Importation Of Steel Bars From Ukraine

The investigation was launched based on an appeal from several metallurgic plants

Additional Measures For Carriers On Russian Border Will Force Them To Review Their Prices

The cost of processing cargo being transported on transit through Russia has increased several times

Queue Of Trucks On Russian Border In Sumy Region Similar To Queue Caused By Heavy Snowfalls Last Winter

Last time so many trucks piled up there was in March

Clearance Of Goods Complicated For Importers At Odessa And Ilyichevsky Ports

Despite having the capacity to process an average of 500 containers of imported goods per day, the number that the Odessa port processes has now fallen to 200 per day

Russian Customs To Open Green Corridor For Trucks Of Some Russian Carriers

This will apparently involve selection of a group of "reliable" carriers and creation of a sort of "green corridor" for them

First Railway Duty-Free Shop Opens In Russia

Test operation of check-in desks for creation of a custom "clean zone" will begin at the Finland train station next week

Azarov: Ukraine Ready To Sign 70 Agreements With Customs Union

Ukraine willing to cooperate with Customs Union

Russia Ending Cooperation With Association Of International Road Carriers

TIR is no longer a guarantee for Customs Service

Roshen Still Waiting For Official Notification Of Russia’s Complaints

No progress has been made in resolving the situation involving export of the Ukrainian-based Roshen corporation’s confectioneries to Russia

The crossings will connect Grushev-Budomezh and Ugrinov-Dolgobichu

Russia promises to tighten customs control

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