The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade has prepared proposals on exclusion of a number of import goods from Russia from the free trade regime between the two countries.

According to the press service of the ministry, the list of such goods was prepared in response to the Russian government’s decision to adopt the resolution No. 959 on imposition of customs duties on goods originating in Ukraine. This document has not yet entered into force. The draft document prepared by the Ukrainian ministry may come into effect if Russia ultimately decides to impose duties on Ukrainian goods.

In particular, the list prepared by the Ukrainian Ministry of Economic Development and Trade includes railway locomotives, passenger and freight cars, trams, spare parts for railway equipment, and containers. In addition, import duties may be imposed on Russian vehicles, including used vehicles and spare parts and components for motor vehicles (brakes, gearboxes, body parts, driving and non-driving axles, wheels, tires, etc.).

The list also includes building materials, agricultural products, agricultural engineering products, furniture, and others.