The Roshen confectionery corporation will resume export of products to the Russian market on December 1 this year. The State Consumer Protection Inspectorate’s Chairman Serhii Orekhov announced this at a press conference on Thursday, the Ukrinform news agency reports.

"I am confident that the Roshen company will begin supplying products to the Russian market from December 1, and there is no need to link this to any political motives,” he said.

He explained that his optimism was based on the outcome of a recent visit to Russia to meet with the leadership of the Russian Federal Oversight Service for Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare (Rospotrebnadzor).

"During the visit, we discussed areas of further cooperation aimed at strengthening the rights of consumers in both countries in order to quickly and reliably share information on counterfeit products, goods, and services by unscrupulous business entities,” he said.

In addition, Orekhov added that agreement was reached on holding joint consultations. "We found solutions and a mechanism that will allow Ukrainian goods to enter the Russian market again. Under this mechanism, the State Consumer Protection Inspectorate undertook to inspect every consignment of products from one Ukrainian manufacturer or another and guarantee its quality to Rospotrebnadzor. Where joint consultations are needed, Russian experts will come over, and we will set up a working group," Orekhov said.

In response to a question from Ukrinform about cases of delivery of substandard Russian products to the Ukrainian market, Orekhov said that he had no such information. "I have not yet seen any regulatory agency impose sanctions on Russian goods. If I had such documents, I would have told you,” he said.