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Ukraine Bans Bus Services To Crimea

To avoid endangering the lives and health of passengers in connection with the escalation of the situation in the Crimea

Ukrzaliznytsia Cancels Trains To Crimea

Passengers should apply to railway ticket offices for refunds.

Aksenov: Impossible To Build Kerch Bridge Without Ukraine’s Consent

Lawyers and experts on maritime law interviewed by the newspaper said it was almost impossible to build the bridge without the consent of Ukraine.

Construction Of Cableway Across Kerch Bridge Proposed

The center proposed constructing a 4.5-kilometer cableway at an altitude of 70 meters above sea level.

Turkish Authorities Monitoring Ship Owners To Prevent Them From Calling At Crimean Ports

Turkish ship owners have been informed that it is undesirable for their ships to call at Crimean ports,

Russia Decides To Introduce ‘Free Flag’ And ‘Convenient Port’ In Crimea

Investors in the Crimea will be exempt from several taxes for up to 10 years, depending on the category of taxes, and administrative barriers will also be lowered.

Simferopol Airport Has Served Over 2 Million Passengers Since Annexation Of Crimea

In July, the airport had a daily passenger traffic of between 19,000 and 20,000 thousand and handled between 110 and 120 flights from more than 30 Russian cities.

Ukraine Introduces Customs Declarations For Goods To/From Crimea

Russia will also introduce declarations for goods leaving the Crimea on October 1.

Cargo Turnover At Sevastopol Ports Down 50% Since Beginning Of 2014

They processed 158 vessels, including 96 foreign and chartered vessels.

Russia Decides On Funding For Flights To Crimea In 2015

The budget for year will allocate more than RUB 8.7 billion (USD 229 million) for subsidizing flights

Construction Of Kerch Bridge To Be Awarded To Companies Owned By Sanctioned Businessmen

Construction of a bridge across the Kerch Strait may be awarded to Gennady Timchenko’s Stroytransgaz, with USC Most (25%-owned by Timchenko) and Arkady and Igor Rotenberg’s Mostotrest

Zaliv Shipyard Reports Forcible Takeover By Same-Name LLC

The police, the FSB, and the special police unit that was sent to the scene took no action.

Crimean Authorities Announce Zhevago Has Been Stripped Of Control Of Zaliv Shipyard

"The people involved in pushing one of the largest shipbuilding companies in Europe to the brink of disaster have been excluded from management of the company"

State Aviation Service Introduces Special Transit Requirements For Aeroflot And Transaero

These airlines can fly through Ukraine’s airspace only by obtaining permission for each individual flight

Overpass To Be Built Through Kerch With No Possibility Of Local Residents Using It

The road junction at the end of the overpass is planned at the intersection of the Tavrida road outside the city.

EU Bans Investment In Transport And Infrastructure In Crimea

These measures will come into force after their formal adoption by the council and their publication in the EU Official Journal

Ukrainian Container Terminals To Earn USD 1.7 Million Less Because Of Loss Of Crimea

Ukrainian terminals will receive approximately USD 1.7 million less

Ukraine To Close Crimean Ports To International Shipping On July 9

The relevant order was registered in the Ministry of Justice on June 24, and it will enter into force after its official publication.

State Aviation Service : ICAO Still Considers Crimea Part Of Ukraine

Crimea is part of Ukraine, the Black Sea area is delegated to Ukraine, and it will remain delegated to it.

New Sevastopol Freight Ferry Begins Operating Between Novorossiysk And Feodosiya

With a capacity of up to 83 trucks, the Sevastopol ferry is identical to the Novorossiysk ferry.

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