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Direct Flights From Crimea To Turkey And CIS Countries To Begin In August

Officials at the ministry declined to make detailed comments.

Passenger Traffic To Crimea Reduces Almost Three-Fold In June

Additional trains have been scheduled in connection with the redirection of passenger traffic from the Crimea to other resort destinations

Ticket to War: What the New Train Timetable Will Look Like

The annexation of the Crimea, the war in eastern Ukraine, and the deterioration of relations with Russia have forced the railway industry to revise the train train timetable for 2014/2015. What can passengers expect this season?

Crimean Ports Become Unneeded Without Ukraine

The development of the ports as export-import ports is hampered by logistical constraints.

China Refuses To Participate In Construction Of Bridge Across Kerch Strait

The official list of 47 documents that were signed during the official visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to China does not include any agreements relating to joint projects

Ukraine Informs World Shipping Community About Dangers Of Entering Crimean Ports

The embassy of Ukraine in the United Kingdom delivered the relevant clarification

Russia Will Allow Only Airlines Flying To Crimea To Operate International Flights

A representative of the Ministry of Transport denied that Okulov made such a statement.

Putin Proposes Transferring Money From Construction Of Taman Port To Crimea

Crimea could require investments ranging from RUB 500 billion (USD 14 billion) to RUB 900 billion by 2020.

Crimean Ports To Be Exempted From Customs Duties And Taxes

Crimean ports are to be given preferential treatment

International Trains From/To Crimea To Stop Only At Some Stations

The total number of train stations in Ukraine is 126, of which 19 are unclassed and 12 are first class.

Nearly USD 200 Million Being Allocated For Crimea’s Transport Infrastructure

RUB 4.430 billion (USD 124 million) has been allocated to the Federal Road Agency (Rosavtodor).

Russia Establishes Border Between Crimea And Mainland Ukraine

No restrictions have been imposed on the movement of vehicles and supplies.

Crimea Will Repair Russian Ships For USD 140 Million

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced plans to increase the volume of ship repair work in the Crimea

Russia To Cut Crimea Off From Ukraine By Opening International Border On April 25

The Crimean border service performs border controls at 27 border crossings as of today

Russian Airlines Unwilling To Fly From Kazan To Simferopol Cheaply

According to the proposed subsidies, a ticket from Kazan to Simferopol should cost USD 124, including subsidies, instead of the USD 197-225 that the airline companies planned to set.

Prydniprovska Railway’s Crimean Directorate Loses One-Third Of Its Freight

Passenger traffic in the Crimean direction reduced by 40% compared with March 2013.

Foreigners Will Have To Obtain Two Countries’ Visas To Enter Crimea

Russia introduced visas for entry into the Crimea and Sevastopol for foreigners on March 31.

Ukrzaliznytsia And Russian Railways Reduce Intensity Of Train Traffic Between Moscow And Kiev

On March 31, Ukrzaliznytsia changed the timetable of the Simferopol-Kiev train No. 146/145, which previously operated daily but will now operate on alternate days.

Ukraine Blocks International Freight Trucking In Crimea

Gunmen have seized all the offices that issue international transport permits in the Crimea

Russia To Subsidize Flights From Far East To Simferopol

The subsidies will apply to flights to Simferopol from Khabarovsk, Norilsk, and Yakutsk.

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