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UIA Cancels Flights Between Kiev And Simferopol Until April 30

The carrier will announce any changes to its timetable.

Russian Railways Unclear How Crimean Railway Infrastructure Will Be Managed

The Caucasus-Crimea ferry is used heavily

Dissolved Crimean Parliament Nationalizes Crimean Ports

The list of assets nationalized by the Crimean parliament includes the Kerch ferry and seaports

What Awaits Crimean Ports and Railway after Separation from Ukraine

Annexation of the Crimea by Russia will lead to redistribution of railway and port property. How will such a scenario affect cargo traffic, cruise operations, and transport on the peninsula, and what does Kiev think about this?

Administration Of Seaports Steps Up Security At Crimean Ports

There are currently no technological obstacles to the operations of Crimean harbors

Events In Crimea Freeze Russian Transit Cargoes At Kerch Port

Cargoes passing on transit from the Russian Federation have been stopped, and that is about 250,000 tons of coal

Avlita Stevedoring Company And Maritime Industrial Complex Operating Normally

More than 370,000 tons of cargo (grain and metal), which correspond to the target, were loaded at the berths in February

Crimean Adventure Could Cost Russia 3% Of Its GDP

Sending Russian troops to the Crimea is a major foreign-policy adventure that could lead to sanctions from the United States and the European Union.

Armed Group Seizes Simferopol Airport

The airport was seized by about 150 people armed and equipped in a manner similar to those that seized the autonomous republic’s parliament and government buildings

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