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Establishment Of Ukrainian-Polish Consortium For Aircraft Production Discussed In Poland

The issue of establishment of a bilateral consortium for production of aircraft was considered during a Polish-Ukrainian forum entitled "Westernization Antonov Aircraft".

Potential Order Portfolio For An-178 Exceeds USD 4 Billion

The An-178 aircraft could bring Ukraine billions of dollars. According to a conservative estimate, 100 aircraft. That is USD 4 billion.

Antonov To Help Saudi Arabia Launch Production Of An-32 Version

The Antonov state enterprise (Kiev), a Ukrainian aircraft designer, will help Saudi Arabia to develop and organize production of a Saudi version of the AN-32 multipurpose aircraft - AN-132 with a load carrying capacity of 9.2 tons.

Antonov Finds First Customer For An-178

In addition, the companies agreed to join forces in promoting Antonov airplanes on the UAE market, in the Middle East, and in North Africa.

Prosecutor's Office Suspects Former Prime Minister Azarov Of Illegally Terminating Investigation Of Antonov

Because of these illegal actions by the suspect, as well as failure to take measures to reserve the corporate rights to dividends for the state, the state incurred losses in excess of UAH 37 million

Tax Authorities To Appeal Against Court's Refusal To Recover UAH 70 Million In Bond Debt From Antonov

The tax authorities have already prepared an appeal to the Supreme Administrative Court

Economy Ministry To Select Antonov’s New Head Via Open Competition

Poroshenko Begins Using An-148 As Presidential Airplane

Poroshenko traveled to Riyadh on an airplane of this model with the tail number UR-UKR on 24 January.

Antonov Considering Possibility Of Producing Its Own Chassis

The Dnipropetrovsk-based Yuzhmash engineering plant – has limited capacity and is thus incapable of fully meeting the needs of the customer.

Ukrainian Defense Ministry Puts An-70 Transport Aircraft Into Service

The decision to put the An-70 into military service was made by the head of the Defense Ministry on January 13.

Antonov Proposes New Areas Of Cooperation With NATO

The basis for this (cooperation) could be the programs for the An-70 military transport aircraft with short takeoff and landing, the new An-178 transport aircraft, which can be regarded as an effective replacement for the European C-160

NATO Extends Lease Of Ruslan Aircraft Under SALIS Program Until 2017

NATO has confirmed the need for further use of the Ruslan fleet of SALIS

Antonov Is Ready To Begin Ground Tests Of AN-178

The ground tests are expected to be completed in March 2015

Embraer Presents An-178’s Competitor

It paves the way for the beginning of the ground tests to prepare for the first flight

Antonov’s Management: Antonov Owns All Rights To An-2 And An-124 Aircraft

The manufacturer holds all the certificates

Antonov Management: Complaints About An-70 Should Be Addressed To Former Heads Of Antonov

The Ministry of Industrial Policy financed only 5.7% of preparation for An-70 production

Prosecutors Launch Criminal Proceedings Because Of Antonov’s Huge Losses

It has been preliminarily established that Antonov’s losses totaled UAH 502 million in the period from 2006 to 2014

Airbus Owns Rights To Kukuruznik

The An-2 aircraft that were preserved from the Soviet era are currently being repaired in Russia

Voronezh Aircraft Plant, Manufacturer Of An-148, Will Not Feel EU Sanctions

The sanctions restrict the UAC’s ability to borrow funds on foreign capital markets, but this will have no significant impact on the UAC or VASO.

Appeal Court Confirms That Kiva Remains President Of Antonov

On September 10, the Kyiv Appeal Court rejected Deputy Minister of Industrial Policy Oleksandr Kalenkov’s appeal

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