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Court Confirms Kiva As Head Of Antonov

The court prohibited state registrars to take any action to change the Unified State Register

Security Forces Block Entrance To Antonov Factory

Seven buses carrying police officers later arrived on Tupoleva Street.

Kiva vs Merenkov: a Face-Off between the Two Heads of Antonov

We put the same seven questions to Dmytro Kiva and Serhii Merenkov in a bid to determine who is right in their struggle for power at the Antonov state enterprise and what awaits the enterprise if either of them wins

Court Orders Russian Defense Ministry To Pay Antonov UAH 11 Million

The court made this decision on 11 August 2014

Russian-Based Ilyushin Finance Interested In Continuing Operations With Antonov

"They intend to and they are offering us more options for aircraft orders"

Lawyers: Industrial Policy Ministry Lost Control Of Antonov In Late April

According to a resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers, ministries should arrange transfer of all materials and cases from one ministry to other within one month.

Antonov Delivers Fifth An-158 To Cuban Customer

The airplane is being delivered through the Ilyushin Finance leasing company

Industrial Policy Ministry Insisting Its Order On Replacement Of Antonov’s Management Legitimate

According to the deputy minister, the decision to replace Kiva was made because an economic analysis of the Antonov state enterprise’s operations showed that his management team was ineffective.

Antonov Not Ruling Out Russia’s Involvement In Attempt To Replace Its Management

For the past eight years, Merenkov has been considered - at least in the media - as an adviser to the head of the Russian Machines corporation, which is in charge of the An-140 aircraft project

Lawyers: Appointment Of Antonov’s New Head Illegal

In particular, the Ministry of Industrial Policy that was liquidated in 2014 and cannot appoint or dismiss the management of the Antonov state enterprise

Industrial Policy Ministry Announces Replacement Of Antonov’s Head

The relevant order is the order No. 47-D dated July 24, 2014.

Attempted Corporate Raid Occurs At Antonov State Enterprise

About 15 people appeared on the premises of the enterprise at about 10:00 and tried to seize its seal.

Antonov State Enterprise To Finish Assembling First An-178 Freighter By End Of Year

The An-178 is intended to replace the An-12 aircraft on the market.

Antonov To Present New An-178 Transport Aircraft At 2014 Farnborough International Airshow

Prospects for expanding cooperation with European partners on the new An-178 program will be one of the topics during talks involving the Antonov state enterprise’s delegation

Airbus Does Not Advise Antonov To Compete With A400M

There will be no equivalent in the world, not in Ukraine or even in America.

An-70 Airplane Undergoing Tests On Long-Haul Routes

It has performed a cross-country flight, which lasted 8 hours 8 minutes.

Media: Antonov Blocks Program For Re-Motorization Of Russia’s An-2 Airplanes

The program for re-motorization of An-2 airplanes is being implemented by the Chaplygin Siberian Aviation Research Institute (Novosibirsk).

Antonov Delivers Latest An-158 Aircraft To Cuban Customer

Antonov expects to deliver an An-148 airplane in VIP configuration for the head of state

Cabinet Dismisses Antonov Aircraft Manufacturing Concern’s Head Kiva

Kiva became the head of the state aircraft manufacturing concern in December 2008.

Antonov Completes Joint State Testing Of AN-70 Airplane

During ground and flight tests, it was established that the upgraded aircraft meets the requirements that were set during its design.

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