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Antonov To Replace Russian Parts For Ukrainian An-124 Planes

The Antonov state aircraft manufacturing enterprise has begun studying options for replacement of Russian parts for the Ukrainian An-124 plane with the aim of reducing its dependence on Russian suppliers.

Deputy Economy Minister Admits Antonov Unwilling To Promote An-178 Aircraft Abroad

"Ukraine is represented much more modestly than it was in Paris. However, on the contrary, interest in us has increased, in my opinion," Korzh wrote on his Facebook page.

Antonov to show АN-178 at Dubai Air Show

АN-178 is being tested before the demonstration at Dubai Air Show-2015. An-178 aircraft will be interesting for the aircraft operators of the Near East and Africa.

Angela Merkel Says Antonov Aircraft Reliable

German Chancellor Angela Merkel named the aircraft manufacturing industry among the most promising sectors of the Ukrainian economy.

Antonov Announces Competition To Name An-178 Aircraft

The staff of the Antonov state aircraft manufacturing enterprise has initiated a competition to name the new An-178 transport airplane. The competition will be held from 22 October to 19 December 2015.

Poland To Help Antonov Develop UAVs

The Antonov state aircraft manufacturing enterprise has reached agreement on cooperation with the WB Electronics company (Poland), which will help the Ukrainian enterprise to develop tactical unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Antonov Concern To Withdraw From Russian-Ukrainian Joint Venture

The Antonov state aircraft manufacturing concern is to take measures to ensure the concern’s withdrawal from ... the UAC-Antonov limited liability company

Antonov Wins Contracts For Production Of 43 Aircraft - Ukroboronprom

"We are talking about a minimum of 43 airplanes and three customer countries," said Romanov.

Ukraine Considering Selling Licenses For Production Of Antonov Aircraft To China

The management of the Kharkov State Aircraft Manufacturing Enterprise has reached an agreement with China on supply of 10 aircraft, a source in the Kharkov regional administration has told.

Antonov Aircraft Concern Seeking USD 5.4 Million From Russia’s Aviacor

The Arbitration Court of the Samara Region has scheduled preliminary hearing of a lawsuit that the Antonov state aircraft manufacturing concern (Ukraine) filed against the Aviacor aircraft plant in a bid to recover USD 5.35 million for 28 October

Iraq To Buy Ukrainian An-178 Aircraft

The Antonov state aircraft manufacturing enterprise has concluded a contract for supply of An-178 airplanes to Iraq.

Antonov Builds Rescue Station Based On ICAO Standards At Airport Near Kiev

Under the relevant project, the airport’s air traffic control tower was also modernized and its air-traffic control equipment and radar equipment were upgraded.

Interview with the New President of Antonov: We Have Reached Agreement on a Consortium with the Poles

In an exclusive interview with the CFTS portal, the Antonov state aircraft manufacturing enterprise’s acting President Mykhailo Hvozdev discusses plans for development of the enterprise, the prospects of the new An-178 aircraft, the development of the An-188 aircraft, completion of the second "Mriya" aircraft, and relations with Antonov’s Russian partners.

Economy Ministry Discloses Details Of Replacement Of Antonov’s Management

Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade Ruslan Korzh has disclosed details of the appointment of the new management of the Antonov state aircraft manufacturing enterprise in an interview with the CFTS.

Antonov Signs Contract For Construction Of Aircraft Factory In Saudi Arabia

The Antonov state enterprise (Kiev) has signed an agreement to participate in design and construction of an aircraft factory in Saudi Arabia

Antonov to produce planes and drones for Ukraine's defense needs in 2016

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko is expecting to restore the state defense order for Kyiv-based Antonov state enterprise as part of the company's integration into Ukroboronprom state concern

Ukroboronprom Appointed New CEO Of Antonov

Ukroboronprom state concern appointed Mykhailo Hvozdiov as an acting President and Chief Designer of the Antonov state enterprise

Canada To Help Antonov Assemble Airplanes

The parties held talks with giants of the Canadian aviation industry such as Bombardier, Pratt & Whitney, CAE, Magellan Aerospace, Bell Helicopter (MTL), Esterline CMC Electronics.

Establishment Of Ukrainian-Polish Consortium For Aircraft Production Discussed In Poland

The issue of establishment of a bilateral consortium for production of aircraft was considered during a Polish-Ukrainian forum entitled "Westernization Antonov Aircraft".

Potential Order Portfolio For An-178 Exceeds USD 4 Billion

The An-178 aircraft could bring Ukraine billions of dollars. According to a conservative estimate, 100 aircraft. That is USD 4 billion.

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