The District Administrative Court of Kyiv issued a ruling confirming Dmytro Kiva as the head of the Antonov state aircraft manufacturing enterprise on 3 September. RBC Ukraine reported this, citing the press service of the Ilyashev & Partners law firm, which represents the interests of Antonov.

In particular, the court prohibited state registrars to take any action to change the Unified State Register in connection with the replacement of Kiva as the head of Antonov and/or the person entitled to act on behalf of the Antonov state enterprise without a letter of attorney.

"The court cleared the issue of who is currently the head of the state-owned enterprise by confirming the authority of Dmytro Kiva as its president and general designer," the law firm stressed.

As reported, Deputy Minister of Industrial Policy Oleksandr Kalenkov issued orders dismissing Kiva from the post of president of Antonov and appointing Serhii Merenkov as acting president in May and July 2014. On 1 August and 3 September, Antonov’s employees expelled Merenkov from the territory of the state enterprise during attempts to seize control of the enterprise.