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Prediction: Coal Exports From Ukraine Will Disappear

Export of coal by rail reduced almost three-fold to 191,000 tons in August, compared with July

TIS Coal To Begin Transshipping Coal From South Africa In November

The approximate volume of transshipment through TIS Coal is one ship per month.

Loading On Donetsk Railway Reduces Three-Fold In August

The volume of loading of main cargo - bituminous coal - reduced 4.3 times to 1.6 million tons during this period.

Coal From South Africa Will Arrive In Ukraine On October 15-19

The consignment of coal in the first vessel will be about 87,000 tons

Events In Crimea Freeze Russian Transit Cargoes At Kerch Port

Cargoes passing on transit from the Russian Federation have been stopped, and that is about 250,000 tons of coal

Ukraine To Stop Setting Import Quotas For Russian Coal In 2014

Import of coking coal into Ukraine has been subject to quotas from 1 June 2013

Cargo Handling At Yuzhny Port Increases 5.5% In January-October

Ore cargoes accounted for the largest share of the total turnover

Transit of Coal: the Russians are Actively Developing Alternative Routes

Transshipment of Russian coal at Ukrainian ports has fallen by half in five years, despite an increase in coal production in Russia. New projects in Murmansk and Taman will further strengthen the negative trend involving the fall the volume of coal transit. Ukraine needs to make its case in the battle for freight traffic.

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