16 November 2023

Ukraine And British Insurers Establish Mechanism To Grant Insurance Discounts To Ships Using Black Sea Corridor

The mechanism involves the Export Credit Agency, Ukrgasbank, Ukreximbank, and a pool of 14 insurers.

15 November 2023

100 Ships Leave Ukrainian Ports Via Temporary Corridor

Ships have exported 3.7 million tons of mining and agricultural products through the shipping route.

14 November 2023

Czech-Based RegioJet Willing To Order Railcars From Kryukov Railcar Works

But the rolling stock must meet EU standards.

13 November 2023

Russians Bring 6 Trains To Feodosia Port In Occupied Crimea To Transport Grain

A vessel repeatedly implicated in an investigation into the export of stolen Ukrainian grain was also spotted in the port.

10 November 2023

Over 100 Vessels Pass Through Temporary Black Sea Corridor

The leadership of the Reconstruction Ministry discussed the issue of continued operation of the route with the U.S. transportation secretary.

Polish Demand To Reintroduce Trucking Permits For Ukrainian Carriers Has No Chance of Success - Nayem

The Ukraine-EU Agreement on the Carriage of Freight by Road was signed with the entire EU, not with a single country.

9 November 2023

Russians Send 17 Vessels With Stolen Cargo To Mariupol And Berdiansk In October

The occupiers claim that transshipment in the occupied ports increased compared with September.

Ukraine’s Black Sea Corridor Continues To Operate: 6 Ships Outbound, 5 Ships Inbound

Since the launch of the temporary corridor, 116 vessels have called at the ports of Greater Odesa.

Russian Missile Hits Civilian Vessel Entering Ukrainian Port

A pilot was killed, and three sailors were injured.

European Business Association To Hold ‘2023 Infrastructure Day’ Event

Ukrainian transport industry leaders and business representatives are invited to participate.

8 November 2023

U.S. Transportation Secretary Arrives In Ukraine

The American official arrived in Kyiv on an unannounced visit.

7 November 2023

Ukrainian Airline Constanta Receives Permission To Operate Flights In Britain

The company plans to expand its charter cargo flights to hard-to-reach regions of the world, where its aircraft have an advantage over their foreign counterparts.

Russian Occupiers Loading Coal Onto Ship In Mariupol

The bulk carrier can carry up to 9,000 tons of cargo.

3 November 2023

Imported Goods Begin Entering Ukrainian Ports Through Maritime Humanitarian Corridor

The Ukrainian Navy says it is doing its utmost to ensure the safety of the corridor.

Polish Carriers Want To Deny Licenses To Transport Companies With Non-EU Capital

They also demand the reintroduction of permits for Ukrainian carriers "to ensure equal opportunities."

Cousteau's Famous Red Hat Given To Reni Museum

While in the port of Reni in 1984 to repair his bathyscaphe, the French explorer gave the hat to a port worker.

2 November 2023

Train Composed Of Railcars Donated By Warsaw Already Running On Kyiv Subway’s ‘Green’ Line

The Polish capital has donated 60 subway cars to Kyiv.

Attacks By Russian Occupiers Destroy 70% Of City Buses And 50% Of Trams In Kharkiv

In addition, 35 kilometers of overhead wires and almost half of all the city’s roads have been damaged.

Bankruptcy Lawsuit Filed Against UIA

Ukreximbank initiated the lawsuit.

Ashes Being Used For Road Construction In Odesa Region

Road construction workers note that ashes and slag materials can be actively used in the production of asphalt concrete.

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