About 2.37 million tons of agricultural products were exported from the launch of the initiative to establish a maritime corridor for exporting Ukrainian agricultural products from three Ukrainian seaports in August to 7 September. 

According to data from the Ukrainian Ministry of Infrastructure, 54 vessels carrying 1.04 million tons of agricultural products departed for Asian countries, 32 carrying 0.85 million tons departed for European countries, and 16 carrying 0.47 million tons departed for African countries, the CFTS portal reports. 

The African countries are Egypt (eight vessels carrying 192,000 tons of grain), Sudan (three vessels carrying 115,000 tons), Kenya (one vessel carrying 50,000 tons), Algeria (one vessel carrying 44,000 tons), Somalia (one vessel carrying 29,000 tons), Djibouti (one vessel carrying 23,000 tons), and Libya (one vessel carrying 16,500 tons). 

Two vessels chartered by the United Nations World Food Program (WFP) departed for Yemen and Ethiopia with 60,000 tons of wheat on board. 

In addition, 190,000 tons of grain have already been purchased for export to African countries, thanks to the United Nations. 

According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Infrastructure, 280,000 tons of grain will soon be exported from Ukrainian ports under the auspices of the WFP to combat hunger. The nearest vessel participating in this program is currently undergoing inspection in Istanbul, after which 30,000 tons of wheat will be loaded onto it in the port of Chornomorsk. 

As reported, Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed limiting the export of grain from Ukrainian ports again a day earlier, claiming that a significant part of the grain is being exported to EU countries and not Africa. He cited information suggesting that only two ships carrying grain from Ukraine have departed for countries experiencing food shortages.