Over 500 cement hopper cars, mineral hopper cars, and gondola cars loaded with grain have already accumulated on the Ukrainian-Polish border.

This was stated during a meeting on increasing the throughput capacity of Ukrainian-Polish border crossings at the Ukrainian Railways joint-stock company (Ukrzaliznytsia), the CFTS portal reports, citing the Rail Insider publication.

This is because the Polish sanitary agency is not accepting the cargoes.

The convention on the transportation of grain through the Izov train station in anything other than grain hopper cars was introduced on 3 November, and a ban on their similar transportation to the Szczebrzeszyn station is expected to be introduced on 11 November.

Ukrzaliznytsia has proposed writing "not for food purposes" in the "name of cargo" column in waybills. This will clarify that the cargoes in the cement hopper cars, mineral hopper cars, and gondola cars are not intended for human consumption but as fodder for animals. For this purpose, it has also proposed issuing the relevant telegrams regarding the other freight cars that are stuck at the border.

In response, representatives of the Polish company PKP LHS have promised to consult with their counterparts at the Polish sanitary agency on this issue and requested information about the recipients of the cargo to understand its destination.