The average cost of overhauling 1 kilometer of road in Ukraine was UAH 7 million in 2016, Infrastructure Minister Vladimir Omelian announced on the "1+1" television channel on Friday, 13 January. According to him, this is much lower than the cost in 2012.

In addition, the minister announced the length of roads that will be repaired in 2017. "We plan to repair … at least 2,000-2,500 kilometers of roads and about 80 bridges," Omelian said.

He added that UAH 30 billion is allocated for this purpose in 2017. According to him, about 1,000 kilometers of roads were repaired in Ukraine in 2016.

As reported earlier, the head of the State Automobile Road Service (Ukravtodor), Serhii Pidhainyi, provided the following figures in 2015: the estimated cost of construction of a standard 1 kilometer of category-1 road ranged from UAH 70 million to UAH 100 million, the cost of reconstruction ranged from UAH 40 million to UAH 80 million, the cost of overhaul ranged from UAH 20 million to million 30 million hryvnia, and the cost of moderate maintenance ranged from UAH 8 million to UAH 12 million (in 2015 prices).

According to the Shulhin State Road Research Institute, it is much cheaper to build roads in Ukraine than in the world’s leading countries. "Construction of 1 kilometer of category-1 highway costs USD 10 million in the United States, USD 11 million in Canada, and EUR 10.5-14.5 million in Europe," Ukravtodor said in 2015.

For example, it was reported in September 2015 that the cost of overhauling one kilometer of H-01 Kyiv-Znamianka state highway was EUR 1.99 million (this is a category 1-B highway). However, it should be noted that costs could vary significantly because repair of various segments of the same road requires works of various volumes and complexity.