Bees attacked an airplane belonging to the Dnepravia airline company parked near the Boryspil airport’s terminal B on Thursday, June 12. A swarm of bees occupied the rear fuselage of the airplane, the press office of the airline company said.

The bees stayed on the airplane for some time before flying away. The body of the aircraft was not affected in any way by the attack. Experts only had to clean honey, which reached a thickness of 3-5 millimeters in some parts, from the surface.

"The main belief is that this strange behavior of bees was triggered by the news that the Dnepravia airline company will soon launch new flights Kiev-Kherson and Kiev-Kharkov flights. Investigators suspect that the OGB (organized group of bees) tried to reduce the swarm’s time of flight to one of these cities by attempting to seize the aircraft,” the airline company’s press service joked.

The airplane continued performing flight in accordance with the timetable after undergoing proper maintenance.