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Why Control Of Debaltsevo Was So Important

The whole railway junction has turned into a lunar surface, everything there has been destroyed

Ukrzaliznytsia Fully Restores Railway Stretch Damaged By Saboteurs In Zaporozhe Region

Full restoration of the railway line after the sabotage took eight days

Ukrzaliznytsia Reopens Bridge To Mariupol Damaged In Terrorist Attack

The down track, which will handle traffic in both directions, and part of the bridge, where the odd track passes, were restored at 11:07 on January 23.

Train Blown Up At Krasnaya Mogila Station Was Carrying Coal To Ukrainian Thermal Power Plant

The lion's share of the electricity for the population centers on our territory is provided by a thermal power plant in the city of Schastye

Terrorists Blow Up Railway Bridge In Zaporozhe Region

A freight train that was traveling on the bridge derailed when the bridge was blown up.

Management Of Donetsk Railway’s Infrastructure To Be Transferred To Pridniprovsk And Yuzhny Railways

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Ukrzaliznytsia were also instructed to establish the coordinates of the boundaries of the Pridniprovsk, Yuzhny, and Donetsk railways

Ban On Flights To Zaporozhe Extended Until Thursday

The extension of the ban is still due to security issues.

Donetsk Region’s Governor Demands Registration Of Donetsk Railway On Territory Controlled By Ukraine

The leadership is on the territory that is not controlled by the Ukrainian authorities.

CFTS Consulting Assesses Impact Of Fighting On Railway Freight Traffic In Ukraine

Restoration work worth UAH 6 million had been performed on the Donetsk Railway as of 10 October.

Ukrzaliznytsia: Militants Continue To Destroy Railway Infrastructure Despite Ceasefire

There have been 10 cases of damage to property on the Donetsk Railway alone in the course of one week

DPR Announces Plan To Launch Trains From Donbass To Russia In Coming Days

"Give or take one week - most likely in four days - we expect to launch a train service to Uspenka"

Damage To Railway Infrastructure In Eastern Ukraine Estimated At UAH 900 Million

UAH 333.6 million is required for restoration of rail tracks and UAH 334.1 million for repair of catenary network and power supply infrastructure.

Destroyed Donbass: Who Has Lost How Much Because of the War in the Region

The biggest losses as a result of the military operations in the Donbass have been incurred by the largest industrial groups in Ukraine: Metinvest, DTEK, ISD, and state-owned coal mines. The daily loading of railcars fell by 59 percent in August, which represents monthly losses of more than UAH 0.5 billion in revenues.

Raw Materials Being Delivered To enterprises In Donbass By Sea

About 100,000 tons of coastal cargoes have already been handled.

Ukravtodor Estimates Damage Caused By Fighting In Donbas At UAH 2.15 Billion

This amount is approximate because a full inspection has been performed only in the areas liberated from terrorists

Infrastructure Ministry: Damage Worth UAH 2 Billion Caused To Donbass Infrastructure

It is very difficult to determine the specific amount because fighting is currently continuing

Report On Downed Boeing 777 To Be Published In Early September

The document will reflect information from various sources

Militants Controlling Transportation And Donetsk Railway’s Property In ATO Zone Since May

Ukrzaliznytsia has already reported this to the General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine.

Attempted Corporate Raid Occurs At Antonov State Enterprise

About 15 people appeared on the premises of the enterprise at about 10:00 and tried to seize its seal.

Railway Capacity In Donbass Down By 60%

This applies to the main Chaplynsky railway route from Donetsk to the western regions of Ukraine, which 70% of freight trains ply

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