The consortium formed by the Bogdan corporation (Ukraine) and the Ursus company (Poland) has not been fined by the authorities in Lublin (Poland), the press service of Bogdan has announced. The company considers recent media reports claiming it had been fined as an attempt to discredit it.

"In the European municipal public transport system, there are strict requirements for the technical state of equipment for transporting passengers. The trolleybuses would not be operating on routes if any shortcomings had been found. Bogdan and Ursus are fulfilling their obligations under the contract timely and fully,” the press service said.

Citing the Polish newspaper Lublin Courier, the LIGABusinessInform publication earlier reported that the Ukrainian-Polish consortium had been fined USD 384,000 in Poland for defects in the first batch of five trolleybuses it delivered in early November.

Bogdan and Ursus signed a contract for supply of 38 trolleybuses worth USD 21.7 million at the end of April this year. Under this contract, the consortium will supply the next 12 trolleybuses by mid-June 2014 and the remaining 15 by April 2015.