The Bogdan Motors automobile company’s design bureau has completed the development of a new model of electric bus, the company announced in a statement, the CFTS portal reports.

Work on manufacture of a pre-production prototype is currently underway.

Mass production of the electric bus will begin at the plant’s facilities in Lutsk in 2020.

The new Bogdan electric bus has a 12-meter body made of stainless steel and a low floor. The bus is designed to carry passengers on city routes. Its passenger capacity will be at least 80.

According to the developers, the characteristics of the electric bus will depend on its configuration: a mileage of 200 kilometers on a single charge, a total engine power 260 kW, and a top speed of about 70 km/h.

According to the company, European-made components are used in the production of the electric bus.

“The appearance of an electric bus in the Bogdan company’s lineup will open the promising European Union market to the company... The final price of the new electric bus will be determined at the beginning of the new year, before the start of mass production,” the company said in the statement.

The company also stated the need for such vehicles on the Ukrainian market.

The Bogdan company noted that it already has experience of producing environmentally friendly vehicles for public transport: the Bogdan A70100 electric bus was launched in cooperation with the Polish companies Ursus and Enika. This bus is operating successfully on the routes of the Polish city of Lublin. The Bogdan company also produces electric-bus bodies for the French company Bluebus, with which it concluded a new contract for supply of products in 2019. In addition, last November, Bogdan introduced the first Ukrainian all-electric truck, which it manufactured for the Danish company Banke Electromotive.