The Boryspil international airport has reported attempts to seize its administrative premises. The airport’s acting General Director Andrey Taranov reported this in a letter to the Security Service of Ukraine’s head Valentyn Nalyvaichenko, Prosecutor General Oleh Makhnytskyi, and Interior Affairs Minister Arsen Avakov.

The letter states that large groups of unidentified people made have made attempts at unauthorized seizure of the airport’s administrative buildings over the past three days with the aim of destabilizing the operations of the airport. Taranov urged law enforcement agencies to intervene to ensure safe operation of the airport.

However, the publication’s source at the airport denied this report. "There was no seizure. A couple of Maidan Self-Defense members came to the dispensary and head office in evening the day before yesterday. They stood with the SAB (aviation security service) for about one hour and left. We have not seen them again,” said the source. According to him, nobody obstructed the movement of people.

Independent Parliamentary Deputy Serhii Myschenko said at a meeting of the parliament’s conciliation council on Monday that it was necessary to remove the Boryspil airport’s General Director Oleksii Kochanov. "People do not understand why Kochanov and his deputy in charge of security remain in their jobs. I request that all the authorized people that we have appointed be instructed to bring criminal charges immediately and detain these people because the family [of Viktor Yanukovych] is still taking all valuables from the Boryspil airport,” said Myschenko.

The Boryspil airport is the largest airport in Ukraine, accounting for about 50% of the passenger traffic in the country.