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Latest Attempt To Privatize Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi Port Fails

The property has been put up for auction again for half the price. The announcement was published on the auction platform Prozzoro.Sale.

New Privatization Auction For Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi Port Announced

The auction is scheduled to be held in March.

SsangYong And SPF Discuss Possibility Of Privatization Of Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi Port

State Property Fund To Hold Another Privatization Auction For Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi Port

The winner of the previous privatization auction did not pay for the seaport.

Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi Port Privatization Auction Takes Place

This was the second online privatization auction of a seaport in Ukraine.

First Auction For Privatization Of Port Assets Held In Ukraine

The price of the asset rose to UAH 201 million from the starting price of UAH 60 million.

State Property Fund Offers State-Owned Ust-Danube Seaport For Privatization

The state-owned seaport’s assets will be auctioned in mid-January.

Attention! Sea Ports… Fresh Sea Ports Go on Sale

What we need to know about the upcoming privatization of small and large stevedoring companies.

3 Ukrainian Ports To Be Offered For Privatization

Ports that may not be interesting to concessionaires could be offered for privatization.

EBRD Ready To Help With Pilot Project On Small-Scale Privatization

The EBRD has proposed that the State Property Fund begin with small assets.

Cabinet Transfers 28 Infrastructure Ministry-Controlled Assets To State Property Fund For Privatization

In total, the Cabinet of Ministers transferred an additional 76 state enterprises to the State Property Fund for privatization.

Rada Cancels List Of State Companies Not Subject To Privatization

Ukrzaliznytsia and Ukrposhta have been removed from the list, the state's stake will remain 50% + 1 share.

Government Approves List Of Large Enterprises For Privatization In 2019

The list includes the Odesa portside plant, the United Mining and Chemical Company, the Krasnolimanska coal mine, and the Sumykhimprom company.

Ukraine Decides To Sell Black Sea Shipping Company

The initial value of the company’s fixed assets was UAH 180.4 million

Two Dutch Companies To Prepare Kherson Seaport For Concession

Two Dutch companies established consortium

Economy Ministry Estimates Ukraine’s 2016 Privatization Revenue

Our revenue from privatization this year is projected at USD 1 billion...

Ukraine Failed To Achieve Privatization Target In 2015 – SPF Head

Ukraine essentially failed to achieve its privatization target this year despite the fact that 2015 was declared the year of the large-scale privatization, the State Property Fund’s Ihor Bilous wrote in a column.

Boryspil Airport’s Future Head Favors Its Corporatization

Yurii Solonchuk, whose candidacy for the post of director of the Boryspil airport has been selected for submission to the Cabinet of Ministers for approval, favors corporatization of the airport, but he opposes its privatization.

Ukraine To Prepare State Stevedoring Companies For Privatization

Ukraine's Ministry of Infrastructure is proposing involvement of consultants in a large-scale project for technical audit of ports and port waters, market research into cargo traffic, and preparation of state stevedoring companies for privatization.

Ukravtodor To Be Privatized In 2016

Privatization of the assets of the state automobile road agency (Ukravtodor) should take place in 2016.

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