The Boryspil international airport’s net revenue totaled USD 130 million in 2014, according to the Ministry of Infrastructure. This is 19% less than its revenue in 2013.

In particular, the airport earned revenues of USD 102 million from aviation services and USD 28 million from non-aviation services.

According to the ministry, the airport’s operating expenses totaled USD 55 million in 2014, including USD 35 million on personnel. Its non-operating expenses are expected at USD 176 million dollars, including USD 31 million on depreciation, USD 16 million on financial settlements, and USD 129 million in losses from exchange-rate differences.

The airport’s EBITDA for the year is projected at USD 73 million and its net loss at USD 102 million.

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According to a presentation by the Ministry of Infrastructure, the airport invested USD 9 million in infrastructure last year. The largest amounts in recent years were invested in 2011 (USD 202 million) and 2012 (USD 148 million). I total, the airport invested about USD 600 million in five years.

The airport made a net profit of USD 192 million over a period of five years (2009-2013), including its largest net profit of USD 83 million in 2010.

The airport’s main terminal (Terminal D), which was built in preparation for the 2012 European football championship, currently operates at 27% of its capacity.

The Boryspil airport’s debt per employee is about UAH 1 million.