Container traffic through Russian ports increased by 2% to 1.76 million TEU in the period of January-April this year, the SeaNews publication reports.

The volume of transshipment of import containers in the first four months of this year reduced while the volume of transshipment of export containers continued to increase. As a result, about 781,600 TEU (+4.1%) were exported through Russian seaports and 766,500 TEU (-1.3%) were imported. Transshipment of export and import containers accounted for 44% of the total transshipment volume and cabotage containers accounted for 10% (transshipment of cabotage containers increased by 4.5% to 176,900 TEU in January-April 2014). In percentage terms, transit containers increased by the largest margin.

Ports in the Baltic Sea basin accounted for 55% of the total container transshipment volume. Meanwhile, Russia's largest container port - the St. Petersburg port - continues to reduce its share of the total transshipment volume.