Fall In Passenger Traffic Through Dnipropetrovsk Airport Slows In 2017

02 February 2018 15:58

The volume of passenger traffic through the Dnipropetrovsk airport fell for the fourth consecutive year in 2017, but the rate of decline of passenger traffic slowed significantly in 2017. The 276,900 passengers that the airport handled in 2017 were only 2.8% fewer than the number it handled in 2016. For comparison, the volume of passenger traffic through the airport fell by 17.7% in 2016, the CFTS reports.

The main trend in 2017 was an increase in the number of passengers on international flights. The airport handled 145,800 international passengers 2017, which accounted for 52.6% of the total number of passengers handled by the airport. The airport handled 131,100 domestic passengers. Domestic passengers accounted for 50.4% of the total number of passengers handled by the airport in in 2016.

Passenger traffic was highest during the summer. In particular, the airport handled 29,100 passengers in August, 29,000 in July, and 27,800 in September. The lowest volumes of passenger traffic were registered in January (15,800 passengers) and March (18,400 passengers).

The Dnipropetrovsk airport handled record numbers of passengers in 1990 (660,000) and 1991 (474,000). Since Ukraine gained independence, passenger traffic peaked at 454,900 2013.