The Ministry of Infrastructure is calling for reorientation of heavy cargoes from road to other modes of transport (rail and river), the press service of the ministry has said. The issue of overloaded trucks on roads was discussed at a meeting attended by representatives of the Road Transport Safety Inspectorate (Ukrtransinspektsia), the State Road Service (Ukravtodor), and the State Automobile Inspectorate, as well as by experts on the grain transport market and First Deputy Infrastructure Minister Oleksandr Malin.

"If we do not do this, then our roads will never be satisfactory for travel no matter how much money is spent on repair and reconstruction of roads and no matter how conscientiously people do these works because there is nothing in the road section of the state building codes that can withstand such loads,” said Malin.

In addition to developing river transport and regulating dimension and weight, the Ministry of Infrastructure is analyzing other mechanisms for facilitating transportation of goods by road in accordance with the active legislation. For example, specialists from the Department of Motor Vehicles and Strategic Development of Roads will consider proposals from experts and participants on the grain transport market regarding a mechanism for issuing permits for one-off transportation. Furthermore, the ministry is preparing draft documents for transition to European standards for restricting the movement of trucks (from 38 tons to 40 tons).

According to Malin, the condition of roads requires strict control over loads, but all attempts by the authorities to strengthen supervision over preservation of roads are prompting various forms of negativity from carriers. However, he said there would be no compromise on regulation of dimensions and weights.