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Tomorrow, September 20, InnoTrans 2022, the main world fair of railway transport and technology, will begin in Berlin.

CFTS was invited to cover the exhibition, so in the coming days readers of the portal will receive exclusive news from this event.

The fair will last September 20-23, the main location is the Berlin International Congress Center.

During InnoTrans 2022, there will be 265 premieres in the field of railway transport - from new rolling stock to individual innovative technologies.

2770 companies participate the exhibition are from 56 countries of the world, presenting their products in 42 exhibition halls and platforms.

InnoTrans is held every 2 years, but in 2020 the event was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, so this year the participants took the opportunity to present their achievements for the four last years offline.

In particular, a lot of attention will be paid to intermodal solutions, hydrogen and hybrid technologies.

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